SPC TANNOY Reveal 5A-M XLR 監聽喇叭

SPC TANNOY Reveal 5A-M XLR 監聽喇叭 (報價是一個喇叭的報價, 交期一對5個工作天)

及於TANNOY Reveal 5A 核心的 XLR 輸出監聽喇叭, 搭配 SPC-DD1805 DAC相得益彰

Tannoy REVEAL 5A

The Tannoy REVEAL 5A Is A Biamplified Nearfield Monitor, Sold As A Pair, Equipped With A 40-Watt LF And 20-Watt HF Set Of Amplifiers, Powering A 5″ Woofer And A 1″ Soft Dome Tweeter That Features WideBand Technology Design, With An Extended Frequency Range To 30kHz And A Wider “Sweet Spot”.

The high-rigidity, minimum diffraction design of the REVEAL 5A, combined with a rear-ported bass-reflex design, ensures improved low end reproduction and mid-range clarity. This speaker represents a very affordable monitoring solution for project and commercial recording studios, and broadcast or mobile truck remote environments.

Affordable biamplified professional and project studio nearfield studio monitor with 60 Watts of combined amplification

5″ driver in high-rigidity, minimum diffraction sculpted baffle; secure 10-point driver installation for maximum contact with baffle

Bass-reflex rear cabinet design for enhanced low end clarity

WideBand tweeter technology with extended amplitude response to 30kHz preserves integrity of harmonic structure and stability of stereo image

Smooth tweeter faceplate contours prevent diffraction and unwanted cavity effects

MDF sculpted baffle with internal bracing for minimal diffraction and interior cabinet resonances; fast bass response and improved midrange clarity

Balanced combination XLR/1/4″ Phone inputs

Heat sinking for cool, reliable long-term amplifier operation。

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